Why I Customized the Way I Did


I chose CC BY-NC 4.0. I do want to receive credit for work that I have created, but I want to allow others to remix it and share that remix without restriction. I believe this is a form of creativity, not copying. I did choose to not allow commercial use of my work because that felt wrong to me. However, I may choose to change this later.


A picture of a pink sunset on the beach.
Reinaldo Simoes, Pexels
A picture of a wave crashing.
Emiliano Arano, Pexels

I found the Pexels website through the ‘Free Resources’ section on UMW’s Digital Knowledge Center website. I chose this source because they list themselves as “free to use” and they say that “attribution is not required but appreciated.” I did not want to risk getting in trouble with accidentally using someone else’s work when I wasn’t allowed to. Also, after browsing their site for a bit I found they had so many beautiful options to choose from. To access this website, go to Pexels: the best free stock photos, royalty free images & videos shared by creators.

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