UMW Apartments Video

The Video

The Content

The content of this video highlights different aspects of the UMW Apartments, which is an apartment complex for upper-class UMW students. I explained three positive qualities of these apartments: the picturesque scenery, the practical parking spaces, and the relaxing courtyard.

The Process

There were many steps I took during the process of this video including steps in pre-production, production, and post-production. During the pre-production phase, I planned my script and what shots I wanted that would fit with my audio. During production, I used my iPhone 12 (in landscape mode) to film various types of shots in various locations. Lastly, post-production was the most time-consuming step of this process. I used Canva to edit the video files in the order that best suit my script. Then, I used Soundtrap to record my audio files. Once I had both of those saved, I input my audio files into Canva with my video, added background music, and edited it all harmoniously. I did all of the editing in Canva. There are two things I gained through Canva that I would like to give credit for:

  • The music: “Advertising” by Rafael Krux
  • The end slide template: “Pink Cute Animated Bubble Video Centric Welcome YouTube Intro” by insangle

Transcript of Video

The UMW Apartments are a beautiful residence hall apartment complex located on William Street in Fredericksburg, Virginia. They have housing for 350 upperclass UMW students contained in 10 separate apartment buildings.The first thing to note about these apartments is the gorgeous scenery, looking especially beautiful in the fall, as shown here. Secondly, a practical perk being the various different sections for parking keeping in mind the numerous students being housed here. Lastly, in the center of all these buildings is a serene, relaxing courtyard space. In the courtyard is more picturesque scenery, along with many areas of seating, and much more. Thank you for watching!

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