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The subject of my mini podcast is a short book review of If We Were Villains by M.L. Rio. I gave a brief summary, then I talked about some of my favorite themes and what they accomplished. To get another perspective on this novel, you can visit Cloud Lake Literary’s Book Review: If We Were Villains by M.L. Rio. This is a creative website for readers based in Canada that contains book reviews, a literary magazine, interviews with various authors, etc. When doing a search of the organization, all of their social media popped up as well as other publishing and reader websites that were citing some of Cloud Lake Literary’s book reviews. So, I believe they are a reliable source.


For this process, I used a few different resources. I used the UMW audio kit to do the recording, Soundtrap to edit, and Bensound: Royalty Free Music for Videos for clips of music (the credit of the music goes to Benjamin Tissot). I recorded my audio inside my closet using the handheld recorder to minimize background sound.


Hello. Welcome to my mini podcast. Today I will be doing a very short book review on If We Were Villains by M.L. Rio. 

The novel takes the reader through the dramatic and tragic events of a group of Shakespeare enthusiasts who are also best friends. They attend a special school of arts that goes through cuts after every school year. By the time the theater students reach their final year, they are down to 7 students, Oliver, Richard, James, Alexander, Meredith, Wren, and Filippa. 

This group’s fatal flaw is their absolute devotion and obsession with Shakespeare. It ends up costing one of these seven their life. After this major event, we start to realize that the book is literally unfolding into a Shakespearian tragedy. I think this is an amazing creative choice because we are able to watch the Shakespeare obsessed realize that you can’t actually justify anything if you do it poetically enough. 

Thank you for listening!

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